Baby Gear Cleaning Service in Singapore

At Big Mama Home Services Singapore, we provide chemical free cleaning services for baby gears including car seats, strollers & carriers.Is your stroller showing the signs of all the love it gets from your child and its travels on Singapore’s streets?Let Big Mama do the dirty work to get nasty stains, bacteria and germs out of your baby gears.

Our cleaning service uses baby-friendly fabric shampooing, meticulously crafted to be gentle for babies and safe for pregnant mommies. This ensures a thorough cleaning without any harm, providing peace of mind for parents who want the best for their little ones. Just like how we sterilize our little one’s milk bottles, our cleaning process prioritizes safety and effectiveness, leaving your baby gear fresh, clean, and worry-free.

All baby gears get thorough steam cleaning to make sure they come back to you as fresh and clean as the day your brought it home, possibly even cleaner!

Our Cleaning Methods

Step 01


Spraying of fabric disinfetant to eslimiate any viruses germs and bacteria

Step 02

Shampooing Soft Tip Scrubbing

Remove odour and dissolve / soften stains

Step 03

170 degress hot steam Hot water injection

Remove odour and dissolve / soften stains

Step 04

Power deep vacuum

Extraction of dirt, dust, dust mites, sweat, skill oil and excess water

Price Lists

Single seater child car seat
Single seater stroller/pram
Twin seater stroller/pram

Before and After Cleaning

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Get in Touch for Baby Gear Cleaning Services in Singapore

In need of professional stroller & car seat cleaning in Singapore? Look no further than Big Mama Home Services. For more information on the prices of our baby gear cleaning services in Singapore, feel free to contact us.

Other Services

At Big Mama, we believe in providing holistic home cleaning solutions to meet all your needs. Besides our curtain dry and steam cleaning services, we offer a wide range of additional cleaning services that can transform your home into a spotless and refreshing environment. Some of these services include carpet cleaningsofa cleaningmattress cleaning, and much more.

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