Shoe & Sneaker Cleaning in Singapore

Tired of throwing your collector’s shoes away because of an annoying stain? Our shoe cleaning service brings advanced technology and robust cleaning techniques to help get rid of that annoying stain on your shoes.

Keep Your Footwear Clean & Shiny

Thought drying cleaning was only for clothes? At Big Mama, we offer more than dry cleaning services for your garments – we professionally clean your shoes to make them look new too.

Shoe Cleaning in Singapore

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and hands, the sign of a gentleman. In any professional setting or celebratory occasion, your shoes say a lot about your cleanliness and character. Typically made out of material susceptible to fungus, mold, or mildew buildup after months of unuse, many tend to think that their shoes are unsalvageable and throw them away. However, a good shoe cleaning service provider, like Big Mama Singapore, cleans your footwear inside-out so that they last long and look great in no time!

Sneaker Cleaning in Singapore

Do your favourite pair of kicks look worn and dirtied? Although some may like to scruff their sneakers up while breaking into them, some sneakerheads prefer to keep their shoes in pristine condition. To do so, household cleaning products like detergent tend to be their go-to. But these cleaning methods can do more harm than good – this is where professional sneaker cleaning services in Singapore come in. Never missing a spot, Big Mama ensures all unpleasant smells, gunk, or grease is removed from your sneakers.

The Best Shoe Cleaning Service in Singapore

At Big Mama, we understand the complexities of every material and shoe type. Therefore, we use material-friendly products to give your shoes the deep cleaning that they deserve

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Price: $50 onwards – Price vary based on condition

From stilettos to sneakers, we clean footwear for both men and women. Restore your favourite shoes with us by contacting us for a free quotation! In need of colour restoration for your shoes? Browse our alteration page for more information. 

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