Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Big Mama Home Services is equipped with advanced modern dry cleaning technology to give you the best dry cleaning results. Our environmentally friendly solvents will prevent any damage to your garments during the dry cleaning process.

Why Consider Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Singapore?

From hectic work schedules to looking after your family, washing your laundry at home can be quite time-consuming. It is a common sight for many Singaporeans to take time off their weekends simply to do their laundry. This is where Big Mama and our good stream of laundry services come to play. With a vision to continuously improve for the better, we always have convenience, cost and time savings, and productivity at the top of our minds when serving our customers in Singapore. What are the benefits of sending your laundry to our dry cleaning and laundry shop in Singapore?

1. Convenience

We deliver your clean and freshly packed laundry to your home in Singapore. Need your garment looking crisp for that important event next week? Our express laundry services in Singapore will not disappoint. Also, you can hire our laundry services online with a click of a button. 

2. Cost Savings

Thought doing your laundry at home was a cost-efficient option? According to Singapore’s National Water Agency, laundry makes up 15% or more of your household water usage. We offer cheap dry cleaning in Singapore – you will no longer have to wash, dry, iron, or steam your clothes!

3. Time Savings

Wash, hang, dry, iron, fold, and repeat – those are the typical steps one will have to go through to clear piles of dirty laundry. At best, this process will take about 2 hours – but not with our dry cleaning services in Singapore!  

Find Value in Kaizen with Our Laundry Service in Singapore

Find yourself searching “laundry shop near me” on Google? Look no further than Big Mama! Understanding the pains of having to find time to deal with heavy laundry, we aim to bring convenience to your doorstep. Offering free pick-up and laundry delivery services for orders worth S$40, you can now enjoy cheap laundry services in Singapore hassle-free. Say goodbye to high water bills and make big savings with us. With years of express dry cleaning and laundry experience, you can rest assured our team in Singapore will care for your garments with reliability and professionalism. 

Beyond laundry and dry cleaning services, we also offer alteration, curtain cleaning, bag cleaning, and more to our clientele in Singapore. Simply create an account on our app and enjoy a discount on your first online order*. For more information on our express laundry services in Singapore and more, feel free to contact us.

LaundryMin Prices*
Dry CleaningMin Prices*
Coat / Jacket$9.50$10.50
Shirt (Short Sleeve)$6.00$7.00
Shirt (Long Sleeve)$6.00$7.00
Sweater / Cardigan$6.00$7.50
Winter Coat / Jacket$20.00$23.00
Trousers / Bermudas / Jeans$6.50$7.50
One PcPricePrice
Suit – Top & Bottom$18.00
Evening Dress / Gown$30.00
Traditional Costumes$20.00
Household and BeddingPricePrice
Pillow / Bolster Case$2.50$3.30
Comforter / Blanket / Quilt$13.90$15.90
Quilt Cover$10.90$13.90
Mattress Protector$12.00$15.00
Cushion Cover$7.50$9.00
Sofa Seat Cover (per seat)$7.50$9.00
Sofa Slip Cover (per seat)$18.00$20.00
Load Wash (per kg) – (Wash & Fold)$6.00
Scarf / Muffler$8.00$9.00

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