Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order limit, pick-up or delivery fee?
The minimum order amount is $40. For any order below the minimum, the same charges will apply. For curtains that require dismantling and installation service, our minimum order is $150. For curtains measuring between 3-5m and requiring dismantling and installation service, our minimum order is $200. There are no additional fees for pick up or delivery.
Do I need a phone number and email address to register?
Yes, we will need your phone number to contact you for collection and delivery and we will send you the bill via email.
What is the turnaround time?
Our normal turnaround is 4 days excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. For example, Monday picks up, Friday deliver. We do offer 2-3-day express service at 50% surcharge and 1-day express service at 100% surcharge.
What is Load Wash?
Washed, tumble-dried and folded.
What is included in Laundry option?
Washing, drying, folding, ironing.
What is Dry cleaning?
Dry cleaning is a no-water cleaning method that is ideal for fabrics that need extra care and can not be washed or tumble-dried.
Can you get a stain out for me?
Let Big Mama know about a stubborn stain in the order note or inform our driver during collection, and we will do our best to get rid of the stain. However, some stains can be a pain, even for the experts. So we can not guarantee anything in certain cases.
Will my garments be hung out to dry?
Each order gets its own washer and dryer.
How much should my Load Wash order weight?
Your laundry is weighed when dry. To give you a rough idea, 1 kg equals to around 2 pants, or 4 short dresses or 15 shirts of men.
Where will I find the itemized bill?
Head to “My Booking” section and you will find a summary of all your latest orders. Click on the order to view the itemized bill. We will also send you the bill on your registered email address.
How do I pay?
You can pay via Big Mama Credits/PayNow/Credit Card/ Debit Card/GrabPay for a cashless transaction.
I selected my credit card as payment method for an order, but I changed my mind and want to pay by paynow.
Simply contact our customer service officer thru call or whatsapp at +65 8518 4188.
How do I update or change my account information?
Click on “Profile” icon and you can update everything from your name and your email to your phone number.
How do I enjoy first online order discount?
There is no action needed from your end, the discount will be automatically be applied in your order.
How do I use a discount voucher?
You will be able to select the voucher after selecting the payment method.
How do I top up credit?
You will be able to see the top up option while selecting the payment method.
I am not sure about the service selection, or should it be laundry or dry cleaned?
Just skip the products selection during order placement. We will do the counting for you. Our laundry specialist will check, take photo, and update best cleaning method and update your bill. You will receive an itemized bill within 24-48 hours after your articles are collected.
When will I receive my bill?
We will email you your itemized bill within 24-48 hours after your articles are collected. You can make payment via debit/ credit card by clicking the “make payment” button in the email.
When do I make payment?
Kindly make payment after you receive your itemized bill via email. Payment must be completed before delivery. If you have any issue in regard to your itemized bill, do contact our service agent.
Can I pass my hanger/ bag to driver during collection?
No, please do not pass any personal hanger/ bag to our drivers. Our drivers will prepare their own laundry bag during collection. All clean laundry returns are packed nicely and with hanger if required.
What are day, night and blackout curtains?
– Day curtains are lightweight, translucent and are also designed from light or strong coloured materials. – Night curtains are usually heavy weight or in other words they are heavy lined, opaque and are of dark coloured materials. – Blackout curtains are usually made of polyester and thicker fabric to block off sunlight.
How do I weigh my curtains?
Our laundry centre will weigh them to finalise the weight/quantity once we receive it.
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