Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

Used globally as a decorative piece to enhance the look of a home, curtains add visual appeal to any room – at least while they are clean. Since Singapore is surrounded by industrial parks, with time, curtains accumulate dust and dirt, losing its vibrancy, only to appear dull till cleaned thoroughly. With our Professional Curtain Dry Cleaning service, you can rest assured we will have your curtains looking brand new in no time.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Curtains Professionally in Singapore

Find yourself squinting at the instruction labels of your drapery before throwing the bulky curtains into the washer? Such basic curtain cleaning techniques may only remove surface level dirt and stains, and can also lead to shrinkage, fading, and tears if not handled with care. This is why professional laundry cleaning services, be it for your garments or curtains, will be of great use since they specialise in quality care. Benefits of engaging curtain laundry services in Singapore include:

1. Gentle and appropriate care

At Big Mama Home Services Singapore, our team is aware of the different fabrics, stains, and more. Unlike other washing methods such as handwashing that tugs and pulls at fabrics, dry cleaning at Big Mama is a no-water cleaning method that is ideal for all your delicate fabrics.

2. Stain removal and odour elimination

Using solvents that remove moulds and fungus, curtain laundry will eliminate bad odours that have remained trapped between fibres for months. Our team also tries their best to remove difficult stains while retaining the appearance of your curtains. 

3. Longevity of your curtains

By gently washing, drying, folding, and ironing your curtains, dry cleaning will increase its lifespan.

4. Increased convenience

Within 5 working days, your drapery will be washed, ironed out, and delivered to your doorstep – talk about saving time!

5. Cheapest curtain dry cleaning in Singapore

At Big Mama, the prices of our curtain dry cleaning services remain unrivalled in the Singapore market. Create a free account with us and gain benefits.

Engage Cheap Curtain Dry Cleaning in Singapore with Big Mama

Equipped with advanced technology to address all your laundry issues, we offer more than cheap prices for our curtain dry cleaning services. We also offer free pick-up and delivery for minimum orders. For more information on the prices of our cheap curtain dry cleaning services in Singapore, feel free to contact us.

Curtain Cleaning Prices

Dry Cleaning
Curtain TypePricePrice
Day Curtain (per pcs)
Day Curtain (per pcs)
– (With dismantling and installing service)
Day Curtain Above 2 x 3 Meters
– (Extra charge per meter)
Night Curtain (per kg)$9.50$10.50
Night Curtain (per kg)
– (With dismantling and installing service)
Blackout Curtain (per kg)$10.50$12.50
Blackout Curtain (per kg)
– (With dismantling and installing service)
3 to 5 Meters Height Curtain (per kg)
– (With dismantling and installing service)

For on-site curtain steam cleaning,  contact our experts and get a free quotation!

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