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Commercial laundry service deals with materials that are soiled beyond or exceed the level of typical residential clothes due to the variety of dirt, stains, food, chemicals, bacteria, grease, problems that required professional laundry services to get rid these strain in the material.

Commercial laundry required total operations and including maintenance of the washers;

  • supply the detergents and chemicals;
  • maintain the equipment; and
  • determines the wash formulas, whose components include the chemical recipe, type of cycle, duration of each cycle, water temperature, amount of water, and when each of these ought to occur for each wash classification and size of the wash load.

Bulk Laundry Service Contractor

Whether you are running a restaurant, hotel, factory, or any other business, Big Mama Singapore is your trusted commercial laundry services provider.

Towel Laundry

A towel is the first impression of a customer visiting your spa, gym or country club – is your customer first instance reaction when they received the towel from the customer service staff.  Your towel must look clean, feel soft and smell fresh which are the key important quality check by your customer representing hygiene, your company presentation, and business packaging.

Linen Laundry

Linens are fabric goods like bed linens, comforters, pillow cases, bathrobes, tablecloths and so on, all of which can be found in either households or business properties such as hotels. Whether it is for private or commercial use, the cleanliness and comfort of your linen goods should be well-maintained.

Big Mama offers fast turnaround for all your Laundry & Dry Cleaning needs. No matter how busy you are, we are just one call away. Our door to door service takes away your worries to get things done.

Uniform Laundry

As representatives of a brand or business, the cleanliness and appearance of your uniform is a must because it gives the public their first impression of your organization – the values embodied and the reliability in service. The high demands of work as well as the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore, however, makes it hard to even find time to get your uniforms cleaned properly and ready for use at work.

Tablecloth Laundry Service

To create a nice ambience, the few elements that must be selected carefully are lightings, furniture, decorations, tablecloths and other table linens. Different designs and colours of tablecloths and table linens portray different moods, setting and could even represent the genre of the restaurant.

Corporate Laundry

Corporate laundry is for companies who pay special attention to what their staff wears at work, a certain degree of control over the cleaning quality of their corporate wear especially for hospitals, hotels, shipyards etc. These industries often have specific requirements and standards pertaining to their corporate image

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