Why Professional Curtain Laundry is Better Than Home Machine Wash

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September 22, 2020

Curtains aren’t just hanging in your home to make it look better, although that is a bonus. They keep your home cool amid the hot weather in Singapore. They’re also your first line of defence against dirt and dust. But they can’t help keep your living environment cool and clean if they’re not taken care of properly. That’s why we recommend regular curtain laundry in Singapore so your home always looks and feels its best.

However, machine washing your curtains at home is not ideal – we reckon a professional will be a better option.

We’ll tell you why.

Saves costs

The best thing about getting new curtains is picking them out. Having a variety of choices to meet your aesthetic needs is always positive, but when it’s time to do your own curtain laundry at home, things can get a little tricky… and expensive.

After arduously taking your curtains down for a wash, you might realise that they aren’t all able to fit into the one washing machine. Even if they could, you probably should keep them separate because different curtains require different cleaning treatments. While your lighter curtains would be good for a single wash together, you’d need to run the machine a few times just to complete a batch of thicker curtains.

This means you’d have to use the washing machine several times to complete your curtain laundry at home, drastically increasing your water and electricity expenses. It’s much more cost-effective to engage a professional curtain laundry service than paying more on your monthly bills.

Saves time

Time is money, so there’s no point wasting it on trying to clean your curtains to a professional level when you can just leave the job to the experts. Just think about it – cleaning your curtains yourself means running multiple loads, hanging and drying them. All of that will take up plenty of your precious time, which you could use to complete other tasks. Busy Singaporeans who are already short of time will definitely benefit from outsourcing their curtain laundry.

And what if you find there are tough stains, grime or mould to get rid of? You might not have the right equipment to even complete the job. Having to deal with dirty or dusty curtains for long periods can be bad for your health. Not to mention all the manual labour of dismantling and installing, which you would instead have completed for you as an add-on to the curtain laundry service you engage in. This is one of the key factors to take note of when choosing a good curtain laundry services provider in Singapore.

Safer washing

Your curtains may or may not come with machine-wash instructions. If they don’t, you’ll need to research exactly how you need to treat the curtains’ fabric and purchase all the right products to get the job done. It may seem like a simple task. However, it can become complicated and dangerous when dealing with different types of strong cleaning chemicals.

Once you have everything you think you need, you’ll still have to learn how to best optimise your washing machine to undertake your curtain laundry successfully. Figuring out how strong your machine is and how it will react to specific types of fabric is a trial and error process that could end up ruining your curtains. Those who may not know how to work the machine properly will find it safer to engage a professional to do the job. Armed with experience, a professional curtain laundry provider or dry cleaner knows exactly what to do.

Caring for your curtains need not be so difficult – trust an expert to get the job done right.

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