What You Should Clean More When Working from Home

June 30, 2021

As work-from-home continues to be the default arrangement for companies in Singapore, it is no doubt attractive to many when it comes to avoiding the commute and spending more quality time with family. In fact, just last October 2020, it was reported that 8 out of 10 workers prefer to work from home or have flexible working arrangements.

However, the WFH experience also comes with its own challenges. As you’re at home more than usual, that means the dirty dishes are piling up a little bit faster than they would if you were working outside of the house. As opposed to having someone else do it for you back in the office after lunch, you now have to tidy up after yourself. With this in mind, there are some areas to clean more often during this period. This blog post will give you some tips for what to keep in mind in your cleaning routine so that your place is always tidy and ready for work!

1. Wipe your desk after a hard day of work

To end the day right, this is an essential step for health and productivity reasons. Especially if you are occasionally having lunch at your table, it is important to clean it in case you missed any leftover stains. While you’re at it, you can also wipe down your laptop, monitor, mouse and other frequently used items on your desk for increased cleanliness.

For those without a dedicated home office or desk space at home, the living room may be also used as a makeshift work area. If that is the case, you’ll want to do a thorough sofa cleaning once in a while for a germ-free and comfortable space. Regularly vacuuming and dusting will keep harmful bacteria at bay. We cover more ways to maintain your sofa here

2. Don’t forget to do your dishes

While you are able to stay productive throughout the day, it is also easy to fall into bad habits at the same time – and that includes leaving the dirty plates to the end of the day to wash. As a start, make it a point to tackle your dishes immediately. The longer they sit in the sink, the more likely you will forget about them. By then, not only will it be harder to remove tough food stains, but dishes left unwashed for too long can cause bacteria to grow and spread.

On top of doing the dish-washing as soon as possible, it is also important to set some time aside to properly clean your entire kitchen. Whether you are ordering food delivery or spending time making home-cooked meals, you can prevent unwanted pests or foul odours with a well-maintained kitchen.    

3. Vacuum the floors

With the entire family spending more time at home, it is inevitable for dirt, dust and other allergens to collect all over the floor. Especially if you have loved ones with allergies or asthma symptoms, it is now a necessity to clean your floors more frequently. Sweeping and mopping are solutions to this problem but whenever you are busy, a quick vacuum will do the trick to minimise the dirt build-up. Not only will this help to keep the air quality high and dust levels low, but it will also make your workspace look and feel more put together. 

Professional house cleaning services are also worth considering to help you clean your home while giving you relief from the major household chores – all at an affordable price.

4. Do laundry

On one hand, you have unlimited freedom to complete tasks at your own pace. But on the other hand, because of this same lack of structure and routine that comes with working remotely, it can be hard to keep up with all the messes that are piling up in every corner of your house. As such, when it comes to your laundry, it will be useful to plan out a schedule for washing your clothes, bedsheets and curtains. Separate your laundry and do some every day to avoid overloading your washing machine. Take note that like certain fabrics for clothes, different types of curtains may also require additional care and maintenance.

Alternatively, you can always get your cleaning needs settled with Big Mama, the largest offline and online home service provider in Singapore. With curtain cleaning, dry cleaning and more services at your fingertips, you can have an organised, clean home in as little time as possible. Spend less time cleaning and more time on what’s important with Big Mama today.

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