Tailoring Suits: 3 Things to Consider

August 31, 2021

Wearing a sharp, well-tailored suit can be a major confidence booster. Whether it’s nailing that job interview, or exchanging your vows with your betrothed, a smart suit will make you feel like a million bucks.

Tailoring a suit can be an investment of your time and money. Carefully considering your requirements, budget and tailor before embarking on this endeavour, would put you in the good position to make the right decisions along the process.

Being clear about your requirements would help you determine how much you’re willing to part with and the tailor you should be engaging. The experience of tailoring can be intimate, so going with a tailor you have a rapport with and can trust, is ideal.

If cost is a concern, you will want to consider buying a suit off-the-rack and finding a tailor in Singapore to make alterations. Deciding on a tailor, whether to make a suit from scratch or for small adjustments, requires you to consider a range of things—in order to finally own a suit you’re happy with.

How to Tailor the Perfect Suit

1. Tailoring to your needs

The first step is knowing the type of suit you want. What look are you going for? Black or blue? Plain or plaid? Single-breasted or double-breasted? The material, colour and make you choose can depend on the occasion and the type of suits you currently have. The suit you want to tailor could also influence the tailor you engage. Some tailors specialise in a particular type of suit, like double-breasted suits or only offer a small range of colours, fabric and patterns.

If you’re tailoring a suit so you can wear it for any and every occasion, you want something that’s versatile enough. Safe solid colours like navy blue or grey make for a good, classic suit. They get you through a formal company dinner as well as a loved one’s wedding.

Consider your suit collection. If you already have a couple of suits in standard colours, play around with funky patterns, like plaid, pinstripes or polka dots.

2. Your tailor’s experience level

To engage the services of a tailor, you would need to do a little bit of research. This would require asking friends and family for recommendations, searching online, speaking with your tailor, but in the end trusting your gut feel and taking a leap of faith.

If a friend is recommending a tailor in Singapore they’ve had an excellent experience altering or tailoring their clothes with. You might feel confident enough to go ahead with them. However, it’s still best to meet with and speak to their tailor, to get a feel of who they are and see if they can create your perfect suit.

How knowledgeable and experienced is your tailor? Determining how long a tailor has been at their craft would be a good gauge to decide if they’re able to produce a sharp suit that fits your body. If your tailor has been at his craft for decades, it is a reassuring indicator of his level of experience.

An experienced tailor would also be able to provide professional advice, take the time to listen and understand your intentions and offer suggestions where necessary. They would also be upfront about what is possible and what isn’t, so you know what to expect early on in the process.

3. The cost of tailoring

A quality, well-fitted suit is a worthy investment and one that will take you through the years. Sometimes, however, budget can be an issue. Tailoring suits from scratch can be costly, especially if you only intend to wear it once. There’s the option of buying ready-made suits and having them tailored to fit you. In this way, you can save and still have a well-fitting suit that serves you just as well.

Big Mama Singapore offers cheap alteration services for your suit and other clothing. If you’re also looking to give your old clothes a new lease of life with alteration, we’re ready to help. Our team of tailors are here to understand your requirements and make the desired trimmings and taperings. In your newly-altered, razor-sharp suit, you’ll look handsome and feel confident.

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