Maintain Your Aircon: Cleaning & Servicing

August 15, 2021

Maintaining your aircon unit regularly will extend its lifespan. It is extremely important to keep your unit clean to allow it to continue functioning at its peak.

Its filters, coils and fins accumulate dirt over the course of months and years during its usage. These dirt particles must be removed to allow air to flow through unobstructed—and keep you feeling cool during a sweltering afternoon.

If your aircon is subject to neglect, its parts, like the filters, become clogged. Airflow is then blocked—reducing its efficiency and causing its performance to deteriorate. Another piece of bad news: your energy use and electricity bills also increase when this happens.

Big Mama therefore stresses the importance of having regular aircon servicing sessions and aircon chemical overhaul servicing sessions scheduled.

Different Types of Aircon Cleaning & Servicing

Big Mama offers two types of aircon servicing: Normal Aircon Service, Chemical Overhaul Servicing. During a Normal Aircon Service, our technicians will take a look at your aircon units, clean and check the different parts of the unit and fix any problems they encounter. At a Chemical Overhaul Servicing, your whole unit is dismantled and given a thorough cleaning. Both types of servicing are important and depend on the current condition of your unit.

1. Normal Aircon Service

Big Mama Singapore emphasizes the cleaning of the air filters as one of the most important tasks when it is time to carry out maintenance services. An unclean or irregularly cleaned filter could affect an aircon’s coils, as air particles that pass through, pick up dirt and transfer to these parts. This causes them to lose their ability to absorb heat—and your aircon’s ability to keep you cool! During maintenance, Big Mama checks your air filters, cleaning, washing and deodorising them—keeping them free from dirt.

Washing the drainage tray and vacuuming the drain pipe is another critical step in servicing your aircon. When your aircon runs, it produces condensation, which is then removed by the drainage tray and drain pipe or a condensate drain. If either the tray or the pipe becomes clogged, water can leak or flow out. This either damages the aircon unit or causes mould and algae to build up and grow on the walls, discolouring and damaging them.

During Big Mama’s Normal Aircon Service, we vacuum the drainage pipe and wash the drainage tray to remove any build up of dirt, mould or algae, clearing it to allow for condensation to drain away properly.

The cost of servicing all the air conditioner units in your apartment would depend on the number of units you have. At Big Mama, the cost of servicing your aircon units are as follows:

  • 1 unit costs $55.00
  • 2 units cost $79.00

2. Chemical Overhaul Servicing

A Chemical Overhaul Servicing is needed when your aircon unit is in need of just that, an overhaul. The entire unit is dismantled and the various parts including the evaporator coil, water tray, fan blower, cover and filter are  given a thorough chemical wash.

The air filters are also chemically disinfected and the internal cavity is flushed. This is so that any dirt, rust, mould, grime, gel-like particles and other odour-causing particles are removed and the parts are properly cleaned. Any leaks are also fixed. This allows the unit to function efficiently and perform at its peak.

The cost of an Aircon Chemical Overhaul for all the air conditioner units in your apartment would depend on the number of units you have. The cost of servicing are as follows:

  • 1 unit costs $150
  • 2 units cost $280.00
  • 3 units cost $390.00
  •  4 units cost $480.00
  • 5 units cost $570.00

Monitor and Care for Your Aircon

Understanding how your aircon functions and why it requires regular maintenance is the first step in taking good care of your unit and knowing when it requires a clean. Caring for it consistently well will ensure it continues to serve you properly throughout the years. If you would like to find out more about Big Mama’s aircon maintenance and cleaning services, reach out to us.

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