How to Properly Store Work Clothes

July 1, 2021

What does your wardrobe look like now? Due to remote working for many companies as a result of COVID-19, it is likely that a lot of your clothes dedicated for work are tucked away in the dark recesses of the cupboard.

But did you know the way you store your clothes can affect the lifespan that they last for in your closet? While there are some laundry tips that can help make your clothes last longer, it is also important to think about how you can continue preserving the quality of your clothes once they’re back in the closet. With cheap and reliable laundry services that do the ironing and steaming for you, it is already half the job done. Upon delivery of your clothes, you can also do your part by caring for these types of garments. While more are able to return to the office in Singapore from August 19 onwards, you’ll want to know how you can keep your clothes in tip-top condition. 

Storing Work Clothes to Make Them Last

For starters, if you’re having stacks of clothes placed on top of one another, it could cause wrinkles that would require some ironing to remove. This can be a chore to those who need to report to the office or have to look professional at the last minute. By storing your work clothes properly, you can prevent wrinkles in your clothing.

Chances are your work clothes may accumulate household dust the longer they are left untouched. Slip them into garment bags and you also won’t have to worry about your nicer pieces getting dusty or dirty if they’re not worn for long periods of time. This is especially important if you are more prone to allergies or sensitivities.

Additionally, there may be items that may not fit you as well as they did before. Take this time to sort through your work clothing and keep the essential pieces. Once your work clothes are organised and stored neatly, a put-together wardrobe can give peace of mind that you have all you need to head back to the workplace confidently.

How to Keep Your Work Clothes Fresh

1. Hang your workwear

If you have closet bars or rods, use them to your advantage. Especially if your clothes have already been ironed, you want to keep them crease-free and professional-looking by hanging them up. However, take note that this also depends on the material of certain types of clothes. While flowy dresses and blouses are best hung up, it is – on the other hand – advisable to fold heavier clothing like thick sweaters.

2. Avoid using the wrong hangers

When hanging your clothes, a general rule of thumb is to have the shoulders seams rest comfortably on the appropriate hanger. That way, it won’t stretch the fabric out or cause awkward indentations in your blouses and shirts. 

Even for bags, avoid hanging them up by their straps or handles. To maintain the shape of your bag in the best way possible, simply store them – in dust bags for designer handbags – and place them upright on your shelves when not in use. Additionally, there are other helpful tips to care for your cherished leather bag collection.

3. Give your jeans some TLC

If you’re working with a semi-formal dress code with denim jeans as your go-to, either hanging or folding your jeans works. More importantly, you’ll want to focus on how you wash them. To retain its colour, don’t forget to turn your jeans inside out before dropping them in the washing machine. Add your jeans into a load of clothing with similar shades just in case the colour runs out during the wash.

4. Don’t forget your shoes

Finally, no work outfit is complete without a handy pair of work-appropriate shoes. During this period, you can always take them out and freshen the look of your shoes so they’ll be easy to grab when it’s time for work! Alternatively, you can also get the help of shoe cleaning services in Singapore to make sure your favourite pair of shoes is in ready-to-wear condition.

For more information on the best dry cleaning services for your laundry and more, get in touch with Big Mama to discover how we can take care of your entire wardrobe for you today.

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