3 myths about dry cleaning

myths about dry cleaning
October 6, 2020

Everyone knows what dry cleaning is, or at least they think they do. Like many industries, dry cleaning has a few myths that lead to confusion among people who want to get their clothes and fabric items professionally cleaned. Below are the worst offenders.

Myth #1: Dry cleaning is… dry.

What’s in a name? When it comes to dry cleaning, not much apparently. Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing dry about dry cleaning – except for the part where your clothes get put away of course.

Dry cleaning is simply called ‘dry’ because water isn’t used in the process. Instead, a dry chemical solvent with a lower viscosity is utilised as it can remove stains effectively without damaging fibres on the clothing. What this comes down to is a lack of moisture rather than a lack of liquid – although it’s another myth entirely that your clothes need to be dry to be dry cleaned, but that’s a tale for another day.

Big Mama’s dry cleaning services in Singapore

Here’s a peek into our high-quality machinery that drives powerful dry cleaning:

  • A Polar Solvent Cooling System, which cools at a temperature of 15 degrees and enables the cleaning of very delicate items while reducing the risk of colour loss.
  • An advanced Air Clean System that reduces odours on items at the end of a dry cleaning cycle.
  • A DRP System that utilises a still residue suction pump with a drying system to reduce waste and carbon emissions, making it a greener solution.

Myth #2: Dry cleaning can wear out your clothing

The truth is your clothing will eventually wear out through the normal process of washing and use. However, unlike home-based machine cleaning or even careful hand washes, the dry cleaning process actively protects your clothing and can preserve its quality far better than home-based machine-wash methods. Professional machinery, like the type we use, offers a variety of functions that allow fabrics to be cleaned with less friction than water, keeping them in much better shape in the long run.

However, not all fabrics are fit for dry cleaning so you should always check the garment’s label before proceeding to clean. A good express dry cleaning service in Singapore will tell you the same thing, so be mindful. While it’s great to find cheap dry cleaning services, you also want to prioritise quality. Of course, when you choose Big Mama Home Services, you can get the bang for your buck with top cleaning quality and customer satisfaction.

Myth #3: It’s ok to leave dry cleaned clothes in the plastic bags

This one is a real doozy of a myth. Unfortunately, this misinformation is widely believed but completely untrue. Dry cleaning plastic bags may look like they’re great for storing your items but that’s not even close to their purpose. These bags are used to protect your items from being dirtied by liquids and other elements post laundering. Once you get home or your laundry has been dropped off at your doorstep, you should remove dry cleaned items from their plastic bags to let them breathe.

The reason you should immediately remove your dry cleaned items from their plastic bags is because of harmful humidity. Left in those bags, your clothes and items will experience a moisture build-up that causes fabrics to shrink and emit a foul smell. Can you imagine taking out a suit from the bag for a function later in the evening, only to be greeted with a bad odour that you can do nothing about in such a short span of time?

Dry cleaning chemicals can also react to humidity and form spots on fabric, which can then oxidise and eventually make your items harder to clean.

So remember, remove the plastic bags to protect your beautiful garments and let it live longer!

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