5 ways to make your old clothes new with alteration

alteration old clothes
October 6, 2020

If you’ve been doing some spring cleaning of your clothes, don’t just throw them away! You can make them new with simple alteration services. Here’s how!

1. Replace the buttons

We’ve all been there. You’re just minding your business when suddenly a button gets caught on something and it pops off – or you simply look down and realise you’re missing something. But although it might seem like a hassle at first, there’s no need to get rid of a shirt, blouse or a pair of trousers with a missing or damaged button. Fixing your shirt with the help of alteration services is much cheaper and easier than having to go through the trouble of replacing your favourite piece of clothing.

You can fix the clothing one of two ways:

  1. Purchase the same button(s) used on the clothing from a craft shop and replace the missing piece
  2. Choose a new type of button that you prefer that matches the apparel and is of better quality. Once you’ve selected your new look, you can change up all the buttons. Of course, you can give it a twist by using different colours – there’s fun in being fashionably adventurous!

It may be simple to sew buttons back, but if you need professional help, there’s nothing to be worried about. With our cheap alteration services in Singapore, not only can you get your buttons sewn professionally, but you can also choose from our great range of basic and design buttons! You could even bring your own for us to work with or ask our tailors to help you source a specific one at a small fee.

2. Turn your old pair of jeans into comfortable everyday shorts

It happens every year, winter fades and so do your jeans. However, wear and tear don’t have to be the end of your favourite denim pants. We know it’s always a little heartbreaking to make the final decision to retire your jeans, but you can actually save them for a little bit longer by turning them into a comfy pair of casual denim shorts.

Here are two ways to experiment:

  1. If you’re determined to do it yourself and are looking to create cut-off shorts, you’ll need to be a bit careful. Don’t just eyeball the best length and go straight to cutting them on both sides. First, turn the jeans inside out and mark them on one side where you’d like to cut them. Then measure that marking and mirror it on the other pant leg. Finally, use fabric scissors – not household scissors – to cut.
  2. If you’re concerned about ruining your favourite pair of jeans or prefer a cleaner, hemmed jean short look, then get them fixed up professionally with an alteration service.

With professional alteration, your shorts will almost look brand new. Plus, the tailors can add cool and unique embellishments like badges and jewels to spice up your new shorts and make them seem even more special – simply purchase and bring them down, and advise where to pin them!

3. Resize a stretched-out sweater

If you have a sweater you no longer wear because it’s worn out and baggy, it doesn’t necessarily have to be thrown out. Surprisingly, sweaters and jumpers can easily be fixed up by alteration services to look and feel new. So you’d know you have a cosy sweater to throw on during unexpected colder rainy days in Singapore!

There are two options to explore:

  1. Try on your sweater and take a look in the mirror. Do you prefer it as a pull-over style jumper or would you like to change things up? For something different, you can ask an alteration service in Singapore to turn your apparel into a jacket or a cardigan instead.
  2. If you just want your sweater to fit better you can get your measurements taken and have it altered to fit you perfectly. Seems too simple, doesn’t it? But it’s really that easy!

4. Spice up a dress

Have you bought a dress you immediately fell in love with when you tried it on at the shop, only to realise it’s not exactly right when you put it on at home? Or maybe you’ve got an old favourite that used to look great but now seems a bit dated? Rather than just letting it waste away in your closet to collect dust, take it to an alteration service provider for a spruce up.

We can suggest two possibilities:

  1. Change up the sleeves. It’s funny how much this can make a difference to a dress’ look but it works. If you’re not keen on thick straps, have them altered into noodle straps for a more delicate aesthetic, or have them removed altogether for a cool and fashionable strapless look.
  2. It’s not all about removal either. You can also add longer sleeves and various elements. Maybe a cloth ribbon or buckle around the waist to create a more cinched look?

5. Change the collar

There’s something so frustrating about finding a piece of clothing that looks amazing and fits perfectly but the neckline is a mess. Or even having an old favourite that still looks great as long as no one takes too close a peek at the collar. Luckily, these things don’t have to mean game over for your garment.

Whether it’s your dislike for the neckline in the first place or the accumulated dirt and mould build-up on your collar, there’s a simple solution: get it altered.

Here are two options to investigate:

  1. If it’s an older piece of clothing and you still love everything about it, you can just have the collar replaced. An alteration service in Singapore will take your measurements and have it looking as good as new.
  2. If you’ve never liked the neckline, you can easily have it changed up. From removing a button at the top of the neckline to turning a crew neck into a sweetheart style, an alteration service provider like us will ensure you get the fit you want.

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