5 Reasons to Consider Regular Sofa Cleaning

sofa cleaning
November 27, 2020

Most people will spend a lot of time and money picking out the perfect sofa for their home, but they often won’t give nearly as much thought to having their sofa cleaned. Throughout the week, your upholstery is exposed to all sorts of wear and tear. With just a little bit of extra care, cleaning your sofa will not only let it last, look and feel better for longer, but it will also be protected against bacteria and strange odours. Here are five reasons why you should have your upholstery cleaned in Singapore.

1. Protect health

No matter how clean and careful you are in your home, your sofa will accumulate dust, dirt, grime, mould, and mildew over time, which can lead to disease-causing bacteria. If your sofa accumulates pet dander or pests like dust mites, the possibility of bad air quality can be unavoidable. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes can all be avoided with regular sofa cleaning in Singapore. This is particularly important for children, the elderly, and people who suffer from pre-existing breathing difficulties as air impurities could impact their health.

2. Remove odour

You wouldn’t put on a pair of pants that smell, so why would you sit on a couch with a weird odour? There’s no denying that our sofas are subjected to our best and worst states, but that also means they can be covered with sweat, makeup, perfume, baby smells, and even food odours from the kitchen. Unfortunately, smells tend to linger and no amount of air freshener can cover it up after a while. This can be unpleasant for both you and your guests. However, professional and regular sofa cleaning will keep your upholstery smelling as good as new.

3. Increase comfort

If you’ve ever sat on your sofa and got up with a strange rash or felt inexplicably itchy, it is probably a sign that it’s time to get your upholstery cleaned. A regularly cleaned sofa will mean that you won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable acne or allergic skin reactions. There is also the added benefit that the material will feel and look better, making it easier for you to get cosy on the sofa with your family and friends on a nice night in. After all, there’s no point in having a sofa that nobody wants to sit on.

4. Enhance appearance

There’s really something very unappealing about a worn-out sofa. Think about it, when you see a couch with dirty material that may also be torn and stained, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t that you want to sit on it. Compare that experience to seeing a sofa that may not be brand new but is clearly well kept and you can already guess what most people’s preferred choice of seating would be. Regular sofa cleaning will ensure that your furniture sits firmly in the latter option, perfect for relaxing in and showing off to future guests for years to come. And while you do have the option to clean it yourself, you’ll find yourself unable to remove the tough, long-lasting stains and dirt build-up that a professional upholstery cleaning service in Singapore will eliminate quickly.

5. Lengthen lifespan

Maintaining the quality of your sofa means you can ensure that it lasts longer in your living room, meaning that you’ll only find yourself buying a new one in ten years rather than in two or three years. The reason for this is simple. Just like with most things, if you don’t take care of your sofa then it won’t be around for very long. This holds true for clothes, carpets, and almost anything you can think of. Consider investing in regular sofa cleaning in Singapore to extend the life of your furniture.

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