5 Items that Needs Cleaning before Chinese New Year

Items that Needs Cleaning
January 22, 2021

We all know that Chinese New Year preparations begin long before the celebration itself in Singapore and one of the most time-consuming aspects is the deep cleaning. Whether you believe in bad luck or not, there’s nothing worse than starting the year off on the wrong foot because you were not able to complete your cleaning on time. It’s also the perfect excuse to get your whole household involved in cleaning all the nooks and crannies that you’ve missed throughout the year, including all your upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and sofa cleaning.

Here are a few essential items to remember:

1. Curtains

The challenging nature of curtain cleaning makes it no surprise that they often end up ignored. However, this overlooked place to clean can be one of the major contributors to dust and other allergens in your home if left unchecked so it’s best to keep them clean, especially as the festive period approaches.   

If you’re the DIY type then that’s no problem, just be prepared to set aside a bit of time and energy for the curtain cleaning process. If you’ve made sure that your curtains are able to be machine-washed, use a gentle cycle with a suitable detergent and dry them naturally to avoid discolouration. If you’re not sure about whether your curtains may shrink or not, wash them by hand.

Based on the different types of curtains and how to care for them, take note that some types of curtains can neither be hand-washed or machine-washed – or they may simply be too heavy for you to handle by yourself. In this case, why not send your curtains for steam cleaning or dry cleaning services early to make your preparations for Chinese New Year simpler?

2. Air-conditioning

If your air-conditioner is dirty, then there’s a good chance the air in your home is contaminated too. To ensure your guests feel comfortable when you turn your air-conditioning on, make sure you clean your air filters thoroughly. If something still feels off or you’re worried cleaning the air filters hasn’t done the trick, you may want the help of a professional to properly tend to your air-con. In addition to normal air-con cleaning services, this may also include chemical overhaul servicing to remove odour, bacteria and dirt more thoroughly.

3. Sofa

A regularly cleaned sofa makes all the difference in the comfort of your home for both its occupants and its guests. To extend the longevity of your sofa, different sofa materials require specific cleaning methods and solutions. With this in mind, we’ve put together a helpful guide to cleaning your upholstery and sofa. Once you’ve sorted out your sofa, don’t forget that the area around it needs attention too. Sweep and vacuum underneath and behind your sofa to clear away any build-up of dust and bacteria.

4. Mattress

Mattresses are another often ignored furniture item when it comes to regular cleaning. However, just like your curtains and sofa, cleaning your mattress properly will immediately improve the air quality of your bedrooms. Another bonus of cleaning your mattress is that it will help you sleep better by eliminating odours and possible bacteria growth. For a more effective deep-cleaning method, you can check out how mattress cleaning services can complement your spring cleaning routine.

5. Carpet

If there’s one thing in your home that constantly takes a beating, it’s your carpet. From spills and accidents to just regular foot traffic, your carpet is an area that needs to be focused on for the removal of dirt, bacteria and even dust mites. Of course, you can do a certain amount of carpet cleaning by yourself throughout the year. But if you want them to be deep-cleaned, it’s best to get the professionals involved. Find out more about how carpet cleaning can play an essential part in maintaining the quality and look of your home.

Whether you require additional assistance in tackling large furniture cleaning or a full-on cleaning service, Big Mama has got you covered for all your cleaning needs in Singapore. Contact us for more information.

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