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Our signature bag cleaning service is no exception. Depending on the structure, material, and colour of the handbags, we will select and apply the right treatment for it. This typically includes deep cleansing of the entire interior, exterior, pockets, tassels, lining, handles and all parts of the bag. We employ specially curated cleansing agents with non-toxic formulas, allowing us to stay committed to our eco-conscious principles even when restoring your bags to tip-top condition. All cleaning implements used are colour-safe on all types of leather, fabric, or synthetic materials, to avoid damaging your bag during this delicate process.

The entire process is an extremely gentle yet effective regime that cleans your bag inside-out thoroughly. Additionally, we go the extra mile for our clients by carrying out all leather cleaning manually by hand – further ensuring your bags do not risk getting damaged or tarnished throughout the cleaning process.

When you hire Big Mama’s services, you can rest assured that each handbag is treated and handled with care. promising you a satisfying clean that restores the total glory and beauty of your bag. Additionally, our services are priced fairly and competitively – so you can rejuvenate and restore your bags without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Our Bag Cleaning Service at Big Mama?

Fair pricing for quality services

With Big Mama, you’re not just another customer; you’re a valued part of our family. Our fair pricing and quality ensure an unparalleled experience from start to finish.

Seasoned experts

Big Mama’s bag cleaning service team is composed of seasoned experts who are not just skilled but passionate about preserving and rejuvenating your treasured items.

With years of hands-on experience, our professionals are trained to handle various materials with utmost precision, ensuring that every unique item receives the attention and care it deserves.

Customer satisfaction comes first

Ultimately, your satisfaction is our top priority. From our flexible scheduling and transparent process to our dedicated after-service support, everything is tailored to your convenience.

Benefits of Bag Cleaning Service

Here are just some of the benefits of engaging Big Mama’s bag cleaning service:

  • Comprehensive cleansing for both the interior and exterior of the bag.
  • Use of quality cleaning solutions
  • Tailored treatment for each bag’s unique structure, material, and colour.
  • Affordable pricing, starting from $70, suitable for various needs and budgets.

Bag Cleaning and Repair Services

Big Mama’s signature bag cleaning service is the epitome of care for your cherished bags. Utilising a precise selection of tools and brushes tailored to each unique material and leather type, we offer a robust cleaning regimen, devoid of harsh chemicals.

Our quality, colour-safe formulas, composed of 80% natural elements, delve deep into the material, efficiently eradicating mould and neutralising musty odours. We meticulously hand-clean and dry each bag, guaranteeing uniform results.

Our comprehensive process, spanning sanitisation, deodorisation, conditioning, and delicate polishing of metal hardware, guarantees excellence at every step, starting from detailed analysis right up to the final quality check.

Fancy a fresh look for your bags or wallets? Look no further. Big Mama’s team of experts are adept at breathing new life into your old or worn-out items with our bespoke rejuvenation treatments!

With this service, we start with a comprehensive assessment, followed by a deep cleansing regimen and meticulous leather conditioning to prepare for colouring. Layer by layer, our experts skilfully apply specially curated leather dyes, drying each stratum to attain the desired intensity and shade.

Through stringent quality checks, buffing, and polishing, complemented by the application of a specialist balm and booster, we ensure radiant shine and durability, thereby preventing colour fading and guaranteeing a rejuvenated appearance.

At Big Mama, we strive to help prolong the lifespan of your beloved bag. Our bag protection process is meant to add on an extra layer of protection against contaminants, and is safe for all leathers and materials, including sensitive ones like suede, nubuck, lambskin, or canvas.

Our transparent, water-based formula is engineered with precision, ensuring excellent durability and flexibility. With nano-molecule technology, it moves the way your bag moves, offering protection without compromising style.

Odourless and colourless, our service is the perfect solution for those looking to preserve the elegance of their luxury pieces. Trust in Big Mama to safeguard your treasured possessions with care and expertise.

When luxury bags or items begin to show signs of wear, turn to Big Mama for a solution. From addressing loose stitches and minor tears to fixing broken chains and straps, our tailored approach ensures that your treasured pieces are carefully restored.

We can replace metal hardware, mend leather, and rejuvenate worn-out parts or inner linings. Every luxury piece is an investment, and we believe in preserving its value by keeping it at its best.

Don’t discard something precious when our specialists can restore its elegance and glamour. Entrust Big Mama to breathe new life into your cherished pieces!

The Process

Step 1: Analyse and Diagnose

The journey of rejuvenation starts with a meticulous analysis of your luxury item. Our trained specialists identify key areas of concern, such as unsightly stains or unpleasant odours. The nature of these issues is carefully diagnosed to select the most effective, yet gentle, cleaning agents for each unique piece. This comprehensive assessment ensures that each item benefits from a customised bag cleaning service tailored to its specific needs.

Step 2: Gentle and Effective Cleaning Agents

In our commitment to non-toxic bag cleaning practices, we only use cleaning agents that are kind to the environment. Our formulas are a blend of nature’s finest ingredients, offering a gentle yet effective cleanse. These agents ensure the preservation of natural oils in the leathers and are safe for all types of materials, including suede, nubuck, and canvas. They are also colour-safe, pH-safe, and help maintain the true essence of each item.

Step 3: Delicate Hand-Cleaning

Each luxury bag item entrusted to us undergoes a delicate hand-cleaning procedure. Our cleaning specialists, with their adept hands and sharp eyes, personally attend to each piece. This labour of love ensures your bag’s unique shape and material are respected and preserved throughout the cleaning service process, resulting in a product that’s refreshed, yet undeniably true to its original form.

Step 4: Gentle Drying

After the cleaning process, we transfer the items to our professional industrial dryer. The drying environment is meticulously managed to ensure optimal conditions. Ozone application sanitises your accessory, eliminating 99% of all harmful bacteria. This phase not only prepares the item for the next step but also significantly improves its odour.

Step 5: Quality Check

To conclude, we run an extensive round of quality checks, ensuring your accessory is polished to perfection and meets our high standards. Each element of the item, particularly the leather, is carefully conditioned to protect it against premature cracking or peeling. Your revitalised piece is now ready to be collected, looking as stunning as the day you first laid your eyes on it.


Analyse and Diagnose

Your bag is meticulously checked by an expert consultant to diagnose the exact condition. A tailored colour treatment is then prescribed to ensure perfect revitalisation.

Selecting the Right Tools

The specialist will carefully select the right tools and materials, taking into consideration the specific condition of the bag.

Repair Work

Our specialist will proceed to address the identified issue. Common bag repairs typically involve fixing the zipper, puller, or handle.

Final Touches

The process concludes with the careful application of a special formula that boosts the shine of the leather and ensures the colour layers adhere better, preserving the vibrant, renewed appearance.

Our Works

These are just some of the luxury bags and handbags Big Mama has cleaned and restored through our signature bag cleaning services. No matter how daunting the task is, our delicate hand-cleaning and careful drying techniques have been able to restore the bags to near-new condition and enhance their natural allure.

Our Bag Cleaning Service Prices in Singapore

Bag Cleaning Service Duration Price (SGD)
Bag Cleaning 2-4 weeks From $70
Bag Repair 2-3 weeks Price varies on complexity
Bag Recolour 2-3 months Price varies on complexity

How Does it Work?


Reach Out: Initiate the process by contacting Big Mama via WhatsApp or our online platform dedicated to bag care services. Let us know about your bag cleaning needs, and we’ll guide you through the rest.


Share Bag Details: Provide us with the essential details of your bags, such as the type, size, and any specific concerns or requirements. Our bag care experts will swiftly analyse this information and prepare a detailed price quote tailored to your needs.

Decide Pickup or Drop-off

Choose Your Preference: Now, you have the flexibility to decide how you’d like to manage your bags. Select your preferred option:
  • Pickup: If you opt for pickup, you have the choice to either have us arrange a convenient time and location to retrieve your bags on your behalf or to order a courier service yourself.
  • Drop-off: Alternatively, you can choose to personally drop off your bags at one of our outlets. We have multiple locations for your convenience.

Pay & Start the Service

Initiate the Service: Once you’re satisfied with the provided quotation, proceed to make the payment. As soon as the payment is confirmed, we’ll promptly kick off the bag cleaning service, ensuring your bags receive the care they deserve.

Delivery or Outlet Pickup

Get Your Bags Back: After our meticulous bag cleaning service is complete, you’ll have the final say in how you receive your refreshed bags:
  • Delivery: Opt for doorstep delivery, and you have the flexibility to choose whether we arrange the return of your bags to your specified location on your behalf or if you prefer to arrange it yourself.
  • Outlet Pickup: If you prefer a hands-on approach, visit one of our conveniently located outlets to collect your bags in person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bag Cleaning Services

Our bag cleaning process is carried out by trained specialists using quality cleaning agents, fine tools, and industrial drying techniques, all tailored to the specific material of your bag. Our service ensures optimal care compared to regular home cleaning methods that might use harsh chemicals or incorrect tools.

We recommend having your bags professionally cleaned every three to six months, depending on usage and exposure to various elements. Regular professional cleaning service not only maintains the integrity and appearance of the leather but also ensures that your luxury items remain in excellent condition, preserving their colour, texture, and overall quality.

Yes, Big Mama is well-equipped to offer guidance on the type of service your bag may need, whether it be for cleaning or repair. We understand that the right treatment can sometimes be unclear, especially with unique or complex issues. Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch with our dedicated customer support team or drop by our physical store. By doing so, you can consult directly with a specialist who can inspect your bag and provide customised advice based on its specific condition and requirements.

After the bag cleaning service, it’s advised to store your bags in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, utilising the provided dust bag can further protect the item. Following our specific care instructions from Big Mama, tailored to your bag’s material, ensures its longevity and continues to enhance its beauty.

Big Mama prioritises the security and privacy of customer information by employing stringent data protection protocols. All personal and payment details are securely encrypted, and our comprehensive privacy policy adheres to the highest legal standards. Trust and confidentiality are at the heart of our operations, ensuring your peace of mind.

At Big Mama, we take the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. We follow a rigorous policy to ensure your personal information is kept secure and confidential. All your data, including transactional information, is stored on encrypted, secure servers. We operate under a strict privacy policy and never share your details with third parties without your explicit consent. Moreover, all employees are trained in data privacy laws to ensure they understand and uphold these essential principles. We are committed to providing you with a secure and privacy-respecting curtain steam cleaning service in Singapore.

Yes, we at Big Mama stand by the quality of our bag cleaning services with a satisfaction guarantee. Should any issues arise within a set period following the service, we will address and rectify them at no additional cost, affirming our commitment to excellence in caring for your prized possessions.

Other Services

At Big Mama, we believe in providing holistic home cleaning solutions to meet all your needs. Besides our curtain dry and steam cleaning services, we offer a wide range of additional cleaning services that can transform your home into a spotless and refreshing environment. Some of these services include carpet cleaningsofa cleaningmattress cleaning, and much more.

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