Air-con Cleaning Services

Expertise in dealing with
all aircons brands
Affordable prices and discounts
for multi-units
Up 90 days warranty

What kind of aircon services we do

Normal Aircon Service
Keep your aircon clean
Chemical Overhaul Servicing
Remove Odour, Bacteria & Dirt THOROUGLY
Wash the FilterDismantle the whole indoor unit
Vacuum the Drain PipeChemical Wash Evaporator Coil, Water Tray, Fan Blower, Cover and Filter
Wash the Drainage TrayVacuum the Drain Pipe
Clean the Fan BlowerCheck Gas (Top up for free)
30 days Warranty
(Water leaking only)
90 days warranty on service workmanship
(on scope of service only)

Service Rates

No. of Fan CoilsNormal Aircon ServiceChemical Overhaul Service
1 unit$55.00$150.00
2 units$79.00$280.00
3 units$99.00$390.00
4 units$109.00$480.00
5 units$129.00$570.00

Top up Gas = $100

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